What is a pilot project

During 14 days you will work with our Customer Success team according to the Voice of the Customer methodology.
You will learn how to Collect, Process, and Analyze the feedback with the help of our platform.

We will help you build up all the processes, organize an onboarding session and manage the pilot project starting from creating the survey scenarios until the result analysis.

1st stage


We customize the design of the future forms. All our elements will fully match your brand identity.
We organize a call with your team to discuss any questions and future scenarios that you would like to launch.
After an internal discussion we will get back to you with the options on where to ask, when, and how.
We can configure everything inside the platform or you can also do it by yourself if needed.
2nd stage

Launch (7 days)

We launch the feedback collecting campaigns (scenarios), control the metrics, and make modifications approved from your side.
We configure the rules of feedback processing. This will allow you to sort the incoming comments into categories that will facilitate the analysis.
3rd stage

Analysis (7 days)

We create an analytical report based on the collected qualitative and web-analytics data.
The main idea of the report is to show the team how to work with feedback, what kind of conclusions to make, and how to consolidate quantitative and qualitative data.
Based on our report your team can decide whether to keep working with us.

We take projects to pilot starting from 500 000 sessions per month

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