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It is important that the survey interface looks very neat, user friendly and organic, because it is customised to the style of the site.
Alexey, Product Manager
Useful as for permanent feedback collection, as for specific goals like checking special promo pages attractiveness or collecting some knowledge about your audience habits.
Egor, Research lead
The best part about YoHe is the Team. They are competent, extremely involved and are always ready to help find the best solution to a problem.
Alexey, Product Analyst
Various survey customization options and a robust targeting system.
Mariia, Project Manager
They didn’t just give us a tool to use, but also helped us to promote VoC ideas inside our team. While using YoHe we learned how to make decisions based on the feedback.
Andrey, Head of E-Merchandising
I enjoyes how fast you can install the product on the website. The team gives real tips on how to avoid negativity from users in the feedback, what passive and active feedback is, and so on.
Artem, Product Manager
It's a perfect instrument to understand users opinion quickly. Nocode platform allows product managers to make a survey and understand users' thoughts regarding any question.
Elizaveta, Product Manager

Our products

We created the products that will help you collect feedback in real-time mode.

YoHe for Website

Find out what users think about your website and which problems do they face. Track loyalty metrics and many more.

You install our js code just once and start working right away.


YoHe for Apps

Integrate our SDK and collect feedback/loyalty metrics right inside the app.

You don't have to wait for releases in store. Collect the feedback any time using just your personal account, creating any kind of logic.

Android OS
React Native is an open source cross-platform framework for developing native mobile and desktop applications in JavaScript and TypeScript.

Our Customer Success team helps you to hear the Voice of the Customer

Customer Success — is a team of account management, web-analytics and sociology specialists. We will help you to use the product and teach you how to deal with feedback according to the Voice of the Customer model.

We help to ask the right questions at the right time. We take care of the wording and find the best place and time to ask the questions.

We set up the feedback processing tools inside the platform, so the voice of your customers is always stored in categories. You can watch the dynamics and study each category separately.

Lots of flexible reports inside the system and integration with analytical systems will give you many opportunities for the analysis.

Cases and Success stories

Our platform for websites and apps already helped numerous companies to hear out their clients and improve the products.

“I really like working with your Customer Success team ― we are happy that you're here for us. It's not that you just own the tool and know how to use it. You can also give great advice on what to do in certain cases.”

“We have a large e-commerce segment and its importance is constantly growing. That's why we chose to work with you to learn how to deal with the feedback on our website. We already tried this before, but as our online service improved we started to look for new instruments. That's how we found YoHe.”

“I would recommend the platform to those who need the information quickly. To understand here and now, how users perceive what you have done. When your site or application consists of a large number of certain actions, and especially when one function flows into another, you would like to separate them. This will help to understand where you have made changes and where not.”


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