Start listening to the users of your application

Ask questions or measure the loyalty metrics to understand their motivation better.
Android OS
React Native is an open source cross-platform framework for developing native mobile and desktop applications in JavaScript and TypeScript

Create an efficient system. Collect, process, and analyze feedback in one product

The developers need to be involved only at the first stage

Collecting the feedback systematically inside an app is not easy. You always have to wait for new versions in store to add a new form. We solved this problem. You'll need the help of the developers only at the integration stage. The managing process is fully autonomous.
After the integration of SDK you can mark up your app with different events and launch feedback collection campaigns at any time using your personal account.
You can add data from your own systems to collected feedback. You can transfer any data that needs to be included in the reports.
No extra load
We don't add extra load to your app. This has been proven by numerous tests.
Customer Success
The customer Success team provides full support at any service plan. We work TOGETHER with your clients at all projects. Find out more here.

Our work is based on Voice of the Customer model

Just collecting the feedback is not enough. It is important to build up a system. This system is described in the Voice of the Customer methodology. It consists of three stages: Collect, Process, and Analyze.


Convenient constructor
The constructor makes the product flexible. You can set up a survey with a complex logic or start measuring NPS as well as any other loyalty metric. Or maybe you want to find some respondents for an interview? Easy!
Flexible targeting system
Allows you setting up the feedback collecting campaigns with most complex scenarios without involving the developers.
Add screenshots
The users can make a screenshot on the website at any moment and add it to the score and comment.
Forms of any style
We will help you adjust our forms to the UI kit of your app. They will look like a part of your product.


We sort the feedback into categories
The “Rules” tool helps to sort the comments into different tags and categories.
We build the processing framework
The customer Success team has a great experience in the feedback processing and can help you customize and modify the rules. This can increase the accuracy of processing up to 90%.
We improve the accuracy of processing
We constantly work on each project to improve the accuracy of categorization. We update the rules and add new negative keywords.


Use the text analysis tools
Filter and segment the data to find out what drives your customers.
Create dashboards for the teams
You can create any reports and place them in personal dashboards. This way every team will get an access to their reports.
Use metadata
We collect metadata of those users who leave the feedback. This helps you recreate the circumstances when your customer experiences a certain problem.
Pull the data from API or personal account
You can get data at any time either automatically (from API) or manually (from personal account).

How our clients use YoHe in Apps

CJM evaluation
Store rating upgrade
Loyalty metrics collection
In-moment surveys
Bug tracking
A/B tests evaluation
New features evaluation
Search for respondents
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